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?? (S14)


Emma SAVAGE (S15)
(Daughter of Samuel SAVAGE & Elizabeth GEORGE)
Baptised: 1 Oct 1820, Wotton-under-Edge GLS
Died: 24 Feb 1863, Wotton-under-Edge GLS, aged 42
Occupation: Weaver


born: Dec Qtr 1840, Dursley Reg. Dist.
bapt: 8 Nov 1840, Wotton-under-Edge GLS
died: 13 Jan 1841, Wotton-under-Edge GLS, aged 11wks
buried: 16 Jan 1841, Wotton-under-Edge GLS, inf
Sarah SAVAGE (S7)
born: 7 May 1842, Wotton-under-Edge GLS


Emma SAVAGE (S15)
1 Jun 1857, Baptist Chapel, Wotton-under-Edge GLS, by certificate
Witnesses: Jesse ORCHARD, Hannah ORCHARD

(Son of John LEWIS & Hannah ? GILES ?)
Baptised: 21 May 1826, Randwick GLS
Died: Mar Qtr 1893, Stroud Reg. Dist., aged 68

(Later married to Hannah ORCHARD née WEBB (S13))


born: Dec Qtr 1859, Dursley Reg. Dist.
died: Jun Qtr 1935, Basford Reg. Dist., aged 75
buried: 6 Jun 1935, Kirk Hallam DBY, aged 75 (of Ilkeston)
married: Joseph RILEY, 23 Apr 1882, All Saints, Nottingham NTT
Hannah LEWIS
born: Dec Qtr 1860, Dursley Reg. Dist.
died: 14 Mar 1944, Pointe-Claire, Quebec CAN, aged 83
married: George COX (widower), Sep Qtr 1900, Stroud Reg. Dist.
Samuel LEWIS
born: Mar Qtr 1862, Dursley Reg. Dist.
died: Dec Qtr 1936, Peterborough Reg. Dist., aged 74
married: Harriet TOWNSIN, Dec Qtr 1889, Peterborough Reg. Dist.



Although I have shown both James and Sarah as illegitimate children of Emma SAVAGE (S15) by ?? (S14), they may not have had the same father.



1841 - Sinwell, Wotton-under-Edge GLS (HO 107 348/11 Fo: 31 & 32)

Samuel SAVAGE 50 Weaver Born in County
Elizabeth SAVAGE 45   Born in County
John SAVAGE 25 Weaver Born in County
Emma SAVAGE 20 Weaver Born in County
Robert SAVAGE 19 Weaver Born in County
Ann SAVAGE 15   Born in County
Thomas SAVAGE 15   Born in County
Edith SAVAGE 10   Born in County
Henry SAVAGE 7   Born in County
William SAVAGE 4   Born in County

1851 - Stone Hill, Wotton-under-Edge GLS (HO 107 1958 Fo: 219)

Emma SAVAGE Head Wid 30 Handloom Weaver Wotton GLS
Sarah SAVAGE Daug   8 Scholar Wotton GLS
Ann SAVAGE Sist Unm 27 Cloth Worker Wotton GLS
Edith SAVAGE Sist Unm 19 Power Loom Weaver Wotton GLS
Henry SAVAGE Bro Unm 17 Cloth Worker Wotton GLS

1861 - 7 Gloucester Row, Wotton-under-Edge GLS (RG9 1750 Fo: 36)

Jehu LEWIS Head Marr 36 Woollen Cloth Weaver Stonehouse GLS
Emma LEWIS Wife Marr 40   Wotton under Edge GLS
Sarah SAVAGE DinL Unm 18 Woollen Cloth Weaver Wotton under Edge GLS
Emma LEWIS Daug   1   Wotton under Edge GLS
Hannah LEWIS Daug   7m   Wotton under Edge GLS


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