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Samuel Hawkins ORCHARD (S6)
(Son of Samuel ORCHARD & Hannah WEBB)
Born: 22 Oct 1843, Wotton-under-Edge GLS
Baptised: 19 Nov 1843, Wotton-under-Edge GLS
Died: 14 Feb 1917, Stapleford NTT, aged 73
Will: written 8 July 1916; proved 25 May 1917, Nottingham
Occupation: Station Master


18 Feb 1865, Baptist Chapel, Wotton-under-Edge GLS, by certificate
Witnesses: Theophilus SNELL, Ann MOORE

Sarah SAVAGE (S7)
(Daughter of Emma SAVAGE)
Born: 7 May 1842, Wotton-under-Edge GLS
Baptised: 4 Jun 1843, Wotton-under-Edge GLS
Died: 5 Feb 1915, Stapleford NTT, aged 71
Admon: granted 7 May 1915, Nottingham


Sarah Edith ORCHARD
born: Sep Qtr 1865, Dursley Reg. Dist.
died: Mar Qtr 1893, Shardlow Reg. Dist., aged 27 (Stapleford Cemetery MI: 19 Feb 1893, aged 27)
married: William Henry JONES, 8 Oct 1887, St Saviour, Nottingham NTT
William Samuel ORCHARD
born: Jun Qtr 1867, Thornbury Reg. Dist.
died: 20 Jan 1941, Newark NTT, aged 73
married: Rosa Fanny TRUEMAN, 11 Nov 1890, Ilkeston DBY
Will: proved 29 Mar 1941, Nottingham
born: 12 Mar 1871, Upton on Severn WOR
Oliver Edward ORCHARD
born: Mar Qtr 1875, Shardlow Reg. Dist.
died: 4 Jan 1939, Nottingham NTT, aged 63
married: Annie Matilda EVANS, 6 Feb 1897, Long Eaton DBY
Admon: granted 22 Feb 1939, Nottingham
born: Sep Qtr 1877, Shardlow Reg. Dist.
died: Mar Qtr 1970, Grimsby Reg. Dist., d.o.b. 10 Jul 1877
married: Willie CROSSKILL, Sep Qtr 1898, Shardlow Reg. Dist.
Olive Blanche ORCHARD
born: Sep Qtr 1880, Shardlow Reg. Dist.
died: 5 Mar 1963, Stapleford NTT, aged 82
married: Walter Richard PARKER, Jun Qtr 1906, Shardlow Reg. Dist.
Will: proved 25 Apr 1963, Nottingham
Owen Hawkins ORCHARD
born: Dec Qtr 1882, Shardlow Reg. Dist.
died: Jun Qtr 1913, Eccleshall Bierlow Reg. Dist., aged 30 (Stapleford Cemetery MI: 2 Apr 1913, aged 30)
buried: 5 Apr 1913, Tinsley WRY, aged 30
married: Ellen DARLEY, 20 Apr 1908, Tinsley WRY



Walter PARKER (husband of Olive Blanche) was awarded the VC in the First World War - see



1851 - Sinwell, Wotton-under-Edge GLS (HO 107 1958 Fo: 207)

Samuel ORCHARD Head Marr 69 Parochial Relief Spinner Woollen Kingswood GLS
Hannah ORCHARD Wife Marr 31 Wool Picker Wottonunderedge GLS (sic)
Samuel ORCHARD Son   7 Scholar Wottonunderedge GLS
Joseph ORCHARD Son   2   Wottonunderedge GLS

1851 - Stone Hill, Wotton-under-Edge GLS (HO 107 1958 Fo: 219)

Emma SAVAGE Head Wid 30 Handloom Weaver Wotton GLS
Sarah SAVAGE Daug   8 Scholar Wotton GLS
Ann SAVAGE Sist Unm 27 Cloth Worker Wotton GLS
Edith SAVAGE Sist Unm 19 Power Loom Weaver Wotton GLS
Henry SAVAGE Bro Unm 17 Cloth Worker Wotton GLS

1861 - Sinwell, Wotton-under-Edge GLS (RG9 1750 Fo: 95)

Samuel ORCHARD Head Marr 79 Formerly Woollen Spinner Kingswood GLS
Hannah ORCHARD Wife Marr 41   Wottonunderedge GLS (sic)
Samuel H. ORCHARD Son Unm 17 Cordwainer's Appr. Wottonunderedge GLS
Joseph ORCHARD Son   12 Brushmaker's Appr. Wottonunderedge GLS
Eliza ORCHARD Daug   8 Scholar Wottonunderedge GLS
Syble ORCHARD GDau Unm 18 Woollen Weaver Wottonunderedge GLS
Charles HAYWARD Vstr   6 Scholar Wottonunderedge GLS
Rowland ORCHARD GSon   3 Scholar Wottonunderedge GLS

1861 - 7 Gloucester Row, Wotton-under-Edge GLS (RG9 1750 Fo: 36)

Jehu LEWIS Head Marr 36 Woollen Cloth Weaver Stonehouse GLS
Emma LEWIS Wife Marr 40   Wotton under Edge GLS
Sarah SAVAGE DinL Unm 18 Woollen Cloth Weaver Wotton under Edge GLS
Emma LEWIS Daug   1   Wotton under Edge GLS
Hannah LEWIS Daug   7m   Wotton under Edge GLS

1871 - Railway Station, Upton on Severn WOR (RG10 3056 Fo: 163)

Samuel ORCHARD Head Marr 27 Railway Clerk Wotton under Edge GLS
Sarah ORCHARD Wife Marr 28   Wotton under Edge GLS
Edith ORCHARD Daug   5   Wotton under Edge GLS
William ORCHARD Son   4   Berkly Road GLS (sic)
Emma LEWIS Half Sis   11 Scholar Wotton under Edge GLS
Kate ORCHARD Daug   1m   Upton on Severn WOR

1881 - Bessle Lane, Stapleford NTT (RG11 3391 Fo: 72 & 73)

Samuel ORCHARD Head Marr 37 Railway Station Master GLS
Sarah ORCHARD Wife Marr 37   GLS
Edith ORCHARD Daug   15 Lace Worker GLS
William ORCHARD Son   14 Scholar GLS
Kate ORCHARD Daug   10 Scholar WOR
Oliver ORCHARD Son   6   WOR
Eva ORCHARD Daug   3   Stapleford NTT
Olive ORCHARD Daug   7m   Stapleford NTT
Emma LEWIS SinL Unm 21 Lace Worker GLS
Samuel LEWIS BinL Unm 19 Wagon Builder GLS

1891 - Bessel Lane, Stapleford NTT (RG12 2725 Fo: 115)

Samuel H. ORCHARD Head Marr 46 Railway Station Master Wotton under Edge GLS
Sarah ORCHARD Wife Marr 46   Wotton under Edge GLS
Edith S. JONES Daug Marr 25 Warehouse Hand Wotton under Edge GLS
Kate ORCHARD Daug Unm 19 Warehouse Hand Upton on Severn WOR
Oliver E. ORCHARD Son Unm 16 Railway Clerk Stapleford NTT
Eva E. ORCHARD Daug   13 Scholar Stapleford NTT
Olive B. ORCHARD Daug   10 Scholar Stapleford NTT
Owen H. ORCHARD Son   8 Scholar Stapleford NTT

1901 - Bessel Lane, Stapleford NTT (RG13 3211 Fo: 69)

Samuel H. ORCHARD Head Marr 56 Railway Station Master Wotton u Edge GLS
Sarah ORCHARD Wife Marr 57   Wotton u Edge GLS
Olive B. ORCHARD Daug Unm 19 School Teacher Stapleford NTT
Owen H. ORCHARD Son Unm 18 Pattern Maker Stapleford NTT
Rowland O. JONES GSon   8   Stapleford NTT

1911 - 5 Albert Avenue, Stapleford NTT (RG14 20849 Sch: 228)

Samuel Hawkins ORCHARD Head 67 Marr Railway Pensioner Wotton under Edge GLS
Sarah ORCHARD Wife 67 Marr   Wotton under Edge GLS
Rowland ORCHARD GSon 18 Unm Railway Clerk Sandiacre DBY
Kate SCRATON Daug 40 Wid Lace Makin (sic) Upton on Severn WOR
Ernest Samuel SCRATON GSon 8     Waltham Abbey ESS

Sarah ORCHARD: present marriage 46 years & 7 children - 6 living, 1 dead
Kate SCRATON: present marriage 9 years & 1 child - 1 living, [blank] dead (sic - these details crossed out)


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