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The extended family in Yalding KEN, and their descendants, from about 1550 - present

Descendants of Absalom SOLMAN (1777 - 1847)
(Continued from Parents and Descendants of George SOLMAN (c1695 - 1767))

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Absalom SOLMAN (AS1)
(Ancestor reference number: So16)
(Son of George SOLMAN (GS1.3))
Baptised: 10 Aug 1777, Yalding KEN
Died: 25 Dec 1847, Lee KEN, aged 70
Buried: 2 Jan 1848, Lee KEN, aged 70
Occupation: Baker

(Absalom appears in the West Kent Quarter Sessions records for 1801 as father of Ann WIBLEY's
illegitimate son George - see Entries from Yalding Parish Registers and Other Records)


7 Oct 1809, Maidstone KEN, by banns
Witnesses: Thomas "SLOMAN", John ...ILE

(Names recorded in register as Absalom SLOMAN & Elizabeth OBY)

Elizabeth Pierson OBEY
(Ancestor reference number: So17)
Baptised: 11 Jul 1790, Yalding KEN
(Linton MI: 19 Sep 1855, aged 64)
(Was Elizabeth the Elizabeth SOLMAN, aged 56, who arrived in New Orleans from London on 21 May 1852 with Richard
SOLMAN (AS1.7) & others? As yet, no evidence has been found for her residence, remarriage or death in the USA.)



William SOLMAN (AS1.1)
(Ancestor reference number: So8)
bapt: 26 Nov 1809, Yalding KEN
Absalom SOLMAN (AS1.2)
bapt: 10 Mar 1811, Yalding KEN
George SOLMAN (AS1.3)
bapt: 6 Dec 1812, Yalding KEN
buried: 19 Jan 1813, Yalding KEN
Mary SOLMAN (AS1.4)
bapt: 16 Oct 1814, Yalding KEN
died: Jun Qtr 1877, Greenwich Reg. Dist., aged 62
married: Philip SAYERS, 25 Mar 1849, St Mary, Carlisle CUL
(Mary had an illegitimate child, Frances Hue SOLMAN (AS1.4.1) -
born: 8 Oct 1840, Lee KEN; bapt: 9 Nov 1840, St Pancras MDX
married: David Thomas FRASER, 24 Sep 1863, Greenwich KEN*)

[*Further ceremony 18 Nov at the Register Office, as Frances' surname had been given "erroneously and inadvertantly" as HUE]
Ann Atterberry SOLMAN (AS1.5)
born: 1 May 1817; bapt: 1 Jun 1817, Lee KEN
died: after 1878, ? Bond Co. Illinois USA ?
married: William John KEYTE, 31 May 1841, Greenwich KEN

(Ann, her husband and their children arrived in New Orleans from Liverpool in 1854, heading for Illinois)
Robert SOLMAN (AS1.6)
born: 13 Jul 1820; bapt: 20 Aug 1820, Lee KEN
died: 24 Jan 1878, Pocahontas, Bond Co. Illinois USA, aged 57 (buried: Robinson Cemetery)
Admon: 1878, Bond Co., Illinois USA
Richard SOLMAN (AS1.7)
born: 20 Jul 1823; bapt: 14 Sep 1823, Lee KEN
Martha SOLMAN (AS1.8)
born: 2 Jan 1826; bapt: 7 May 1826, Lee KEN
died: Mar Qtr 1908, Greenwich Reg. Dist., aged 82
married: George Walter GORRUM, 17 Mar 1850, St John Horsleydown, Southwark SRY
Samuel SOLMAN (AS1.9)
born: 29 Mar 1828; bapt: 27 Apr 1828, Lee KEN


2nd Generation

William SOLMAN (AS1.1)
(Ancestor reference number: So8)
(Son of Absalom SOLMAN (AS1))
Baptised: 26 Nov 1809, Yalding KEN
Died: 9 Sep 1877, Bermondsey SRY, aged 67
Admon: granted 29 Oct 1877, London
Occupation: Cab Proprietor

14 Jul 1834, St Bride Fleet St LND, by banns
Witnesses: James E. GOOD, Elizabeth WARWICK?

(Ancestor reference number: So9)
Born: 27 Feb 1810, Lee KEN
Baptised: 25 Mar 1810, Lee KEN
Died: 7 Jan 1877, Bermondsey SRY, aged 67


William Sidery SOLMAN (AS1.1.1)
born: 29 Oct 1835, St Pancras MDX
bapt: 25 Dec 1835, Lee KEN
Elizabeth Ann SOLMAN (AS1.1.2)
born: 20 Aug 1837; bapt: 30 Aug 1837, St Pancras MDX
died: Jun Qtr 1907, Bromley Reg. Dist., aged 70
George SOLMAN (AS1.1.3)

(Ancestor reference number: So4)
born: 29 Oct 1838, St Pancras MDX
bapt: 26 Nov 1838, St Pancras MDX
? William Frederick SOLMAN ?
born: 29 Jan 1839, St Luke MDX (at the Lying-In Hospital)
bapt: 13 Feb 1839, St Luke MDX (at the Lying-In Hospital)

(William Frederick's birth certificate shows his parents to be William and Mary Ann SOLMAN,
but his date of birth makes it unlikely that he was really their child)

Walter SOLMAN (AS1.1.4)
born: Jun Qtr 1841, Pancras Reg. Dist. 
(Baptism entry: 9 Mar 1841)
bapt: 4 Apr 1841, St Pancras MDX
died: 22 Feb 1849, Southwark SRY, aged 7 (at St Thomas Hospital)
buried: 2 Mar 1849, Bloomsbury MDX, aged 7
Sarah Ellen SOLMAN (AS1.1.5)
born: Mar Qtr 1843, Pancras Reg. Dist. 
(Baptism entry: 5 Feb 1843)
bapt: 6 Mar 1843, St Pancras MDX
died: Jun Qtr 1846, Pancras Reg. Dist.
James SOLMAN (AS1.1.6)
born: Dec Qtr 1844, Pancras Reg. Dist. 
(Baptism entry: 14 Sep 1844)
bapt: 13 Oct 1844, St Pancras MDX
died: 31 Jul 1919, Camberwell SRY 
(GRO index: aged 74)
married: Gertrude Emma GOVETT, 20 Jun 1911, All Souls, Newington LND
Will: proved 13 Aug 1919, London
Occupation: Cab Master, Piano Tuner, Orchestral Musician

(In GRO marriage index as James SOLOMON)
Charles SOLMAN (AS1.1.7)
born: c1845, St Pancras MDX
Occupation: Copperplate Printer

(Emigrated to New York USA c1874, was still living there at the
time of the 1920 US Federal census, and probably died there)

Fanny (Frances) Ellen SOLMAN (AS1.1.8)
born: Mar Qtr 1847, Pancras Reg. Dist. 
(Baptism entry: 3 Feb 1847)
bapt: 4 Apr 1847, St Pancras MDX
married (1): Francis Walter BARNES, 12 Jan 1870, Bloomsbury MDX
married (2): Isaac MOSS, Jun Qtr 1897, Lambeth Reg. Dist.
Jasper SOLMAN (AS1.1.9)
born: Mar Qtr 1849, Pancras Reg. Dist. 
(Baptism entry: 24 Feb 1849)
bapt: 5 Mar 1849, St Pancras MDX
died: Mar Qtr 1849, Pancras Reg. Dist.
buried: 8 Mar 1849, Bloomsbury MDX, aged 10d
Walter (Richard) SOLMAN (AS1.1.10)
born: 31 May 1851, St Pancras MDX
bapt: 20 Jul 1851, St Pancras MDX
died: 12 Sep 1928, Tunbridge Wells KEN 
(GRO index: aged 77)
buried: 17 Sep 1928, Borough Cemetery, Tunbridge Wells KEN, aged 77
married: Emilie DELARUE, Sep Qtr 1920, Thanet Reg. Dist. 
(Kent BMD: 29 Jul 1920)
Will: proved 29 Oct 1928, London
(Birth registered as Walter, baptised as Walter Richard)
Henry Joseph SOLMAN (AS1.1.11)
born: 13 May 1854; bapt: 4 Jun 1854, St Pancras MDX
died: 20 Mar 1916, Oxford OXF 
(GRO index: aged 61)
Will: proved 13 Apr 1916, London
Occupation: Musician


Absalom SOLMAN (AS1.2)
(Son of Absalom SOLMAN (AS1))
Baptised: 10 Mar 1811, Yalding KEN
Died: Oct 1875, Bond Co., Illinois USA
Will: written 16 Oct 1875 (of Bond Co., Illinois)

(Papers with the will indicate that Absalom died before the end of October 1875)

13 May 1835, St Martin in the Fields MDX

(It is not clear if Mary Ann emigrated with her husband and children or not -
at present the last evidence I have of her is in St Pancras in the 1841 census)



Elizabeth SOLMAN (AS1.2.1)
born: 20 Sep 1835; bapt: 25 Oct 1835, Lee KEN
married (1): William Watts THOMAS, 7 Sep 1852, Bond Co., Illinois USA
married (2): Charles B. PLANT, 24 Aug 1870, Bond Co., Illinois USA
Absalom Edward SOLMAN (AS1.2.2)
bapt: 14 Jun 1837, St Luke MDX (at the Lying-In Hospital)
Charles SOLMAN (AS1.2.3)
born: 6 May 1839, St Luke MDX (at the Lying-In Hospital)
bapt: 18 May 1839, St Luke MDX (at the Lying-In Hospital)
died: 7 Nov 1861, Belmont, Missouri USA (in action)

Plus others?


Richard SOLMAN (AS1.7)
(Son of Absalom SOLMAN (AS1))
Born: 20 Jul 1823, Lee KEN
Baptised: 14 Sep 1823, Lee KEN
Died: 29 Dec 1877, Bond Co., Illinois USA (buried: Robinson Cemetery)
Admon: 17 Jan 1878, Bond Co., Illinois USA
Occupation: Sawyer, Storekeeper

14 Dec 1846, Charlton KEN, by banns
Witnesses: Thomas HAYNES, Mary SOLMAN

Susannah HAYNES
Died: Sep Qtr 1851, Rotherhithe Reg. Dist. (Lee MI transcript: 12 Aug 1861 (sic), aged 25)


William Robert SOLMAN (AS1.7.1)
born: Dec Qtr 1847, Rotherhithe Reg. Dist.
Elizabeth Ann SOLMAN (AS1.7.2)
born: Jun Qtr 1849, Rotherhithe Reg. Dist.
bapt: 10? Jun 1849, Holy Trinity, Bermondsey SRY
died: 12 Sep 1851, Rotherhithe SRY, aged 2
Absalom Thomas SOLMAN (AS1.7.3)
born: 14 Jan 1851, Rotherhithe SRY
died: Dec Qtr 1851, Rotherhithe Reg. Dist.

1 Mar 1860, Madison Co., Illinois USA

Baptised: 26 Sep 1830, Tamworth STS (born: Fazeley STS)
Died: 22 Jun 1911, Stubblefield, Bond Co., Illinois USA, aged 81 (buried: Robinson Cemetery)

(Married (1): Michael ROONEY, Mar Qtr 1849, Tamworth Reg. Dist.)


Margaret Jane SOLMAN (AS1.7.4)
born: c1863, ? Stubblefield, Bond Co., Illinois USA ?
died: 21 Nov 1926, Mulberry Grove, Bond Co., Illinois US
married: Douglas BROWN, 24 Jun 1883, Bond Co., Illinois USA
Martha Ann SOLMAN (AS1.7.5)
born: c1869, ? Stubblefield, Bond Co., Illinois USA ?
married: William Lawrence FIELDS, 1 May 1887, Bond Co., Illinois USA
Ellen Elizabeth SOLMAN (AS1.7.6)
born: 22 Oct 1872, Stubblefield, Bond Co., Illinois USA
died: 20 May 1934, Bond Co., Illinois USA
buried: 23 May 1934, Hazel Dell Cemetery, Greenville, Bond Co., Illinois USA
married: Harvey M. SHAW, 25 Jan 1892, Bond Co., Illinois USA

(Richard SOLMAN (AS1.7), recorded as a sawyer aged 28, arrived in New Orleans from London on 21 May 1852 with his son William (AS1.7.1), aged 4. Also with him were Elizabeth SOLMAN, aged 56 (possibly his mother - see above), Samuel SOLMAN, a tanner aged 28 and Henry SOLMAN, aged 36. It is not clear who Samuel and Henry were, and although their surnames were recorded as SOLMAN, this may have been incorrect.)


Samuel SOLMAN (AS1.9)
(Son of Absalom SOLMAN (AS1))
Born: 29 Mar 1828, Lee KEN
Baptised: 27 Apr 1828, Lee KEN
Died: 18 Sep 1877, Kew SRY, aged 48

(Body found in the River Thames - Coroner's verdict: suicide)
Occupation: Grocer, Porter, Warehouseman

2 Apr 1848, Bermondsey SRY, by banns
Witnesses: George HUMPHREYS, Benjamin PHILLIPS

Elizabeth BAILEY
Born: c1821, North Bradley WIL


Mary Ann SOLMAN (AS1.9.1)
born: 22 Oct 1848, Norton St Philip SOM
married (1): Richard PEARSON, 4 Apr 1875, St Michael, Pimlico MDX
married (2): Joseph SIMPSON, 3 Oct 1894, Plumstead LND

(Married - on both occasions - as Annie Elizabeth)
Robert (Walter) SOLMAN (AS1.9.2)
born: 2 Sep 1850, Mayfair MDX
bapt: 1 Dec 1850, St John Horsleydown, Southwark SRY

(Birth registered as Robert, baptised as Robert Walter)

Sep Qtr 1860, St George Hanover Square Reg. Dist.

Born: c1836, Farnham ESS (or Bishops Stortford HRT)
Died: Mar Qtr 1922, Maidenhead Reg. Dist., aged 86


Ada Emma SOLMAN (AS1.9.3)
born: Sep Qtr 1861, St George Hanover Square Reg. Dist. 
(BVRI: 17 Jul 1861)
bapt: 24 Sep 1861, St James Westminster MDX
died: Sep Qtr 1866, Bishop's Stortford Reg. dist., aged 4
buried: 15 Jul 1866, Farnham ESS, aged 4yr 11m

(In GRO death index as Ada E. SALMON)
Henry Jordan SOLMAN (AS1.9.4)
born: Mar Qtr 1864, Westminster Reg. Dist. 
(BVRI: 25 Feb 1864)
bapt: 13 Nov 1864, St James Westminster MDX
died: Dec Qtr 1867, Westminster Reg. Dist., aged 3
Herbert Frank SOLMAN (AS1.9.5)
born: Jun Qtr 1866, Westminster Reg. Dist.
Emily Mary SOLMAN (AS1.9.6)
born: Jun Qtr 1870, Westminster Reg. Dist.
died: 14 Mar 1871, Westminster MDX, aged 1

Plus others?
(Admon re Robert SOLMAN (AS1.6) 1878 stated that his brother Samuel (AS1.9) had died in England leaving several children)


3rd Generation

William Sidery SOLMAN (AS1.1.1)
(Son of William SOLMAN (AS1.1))
Born: 29 Oct 1835, St Pancras MDX
Baptised: 25 Dec 1835, Lee KEN
Died: 19 Dec 1874, St Pancras MDX, aged 39
Admon: granted 14 Jan 1875, London
Occupation: Cab Proprietor, Copper Printer

16 Sep 1863, St John, St Pancras MDX, by banns
Witnesses: William SOLMAN, Fanny SOLMAN

Born: c1842, St Pancras MDX
(Married (2): Peter GOWRIE, Jun Qtr 1877, Pancras Reg. Dist.)


Sarah Ellen (Sidery) SOLMAN (AS1.1.1.1)
born: 9 Feb 1864, St Pancras MDX
bapt: 13 Mar 1864, St Pancras MDX
married: Walter ROLL, 9 May 1885, St John, St Pancras MDX
Ada (Sidery) SOLMAN (AS1.1.1.2)
born 10 Feb 1866; bapt: 18 Mar 1866, St Pancras MDX
married: William Henry MARTIN, Dec Qtr 1887, St Giles Reg. Dist.
William James Sidery SOLMAN (AS1.1.1.3)
born: 2 Jun 1873, St Pancras MDX


George SOLMAN (AS1.1.3)
(Ancestor reference number: So4)
(Son of William SOLMAN (AS1.1))
Born: 29 Oct 1838, St Pancras MDX
Baptised: 26 Nov 1838, St Pancras MDX
Died: 5 Jul 1893, Islington LND, aged 56
Occupation: Cabman, Ostler, Greengrocer (Master), Pianoforte Maker, Horse Keeper


(Ancestor reference number: So5)
Born: 30 Apr 1827; baptised: 10 Feb 1828, St Andrew Holborn LND
("Married (1)": ? John AINGE ?; "married (2)": ? Edward, Frederick or George STAFFORD ?)


Emma Sarah AINGE or STAFFORD (AS1.1.3.1)*
born: 23 Jan 1852, Holborn MDX
bapt: 15 Feb 1852, Islington MDX 
(d.o.b. 30 Jan 1852)
married: William Henry LAMBERT, 16 Jul 1871, Holy Trinity, Hoxton MDX
(Birth registered & baptised as Emma Sarah AINGE, married as Emma STAFFORD)
Eliza AINGE or STAFFORD (AS1.1.3.2)*
born: 10 Nov 1853, Holborn MDX

(Birth registered as Eliza AINGE, other sources as Eliza STAFFORD)
Clara STAFFORD or SOLMAN (AS1.1.3.3)*
born: 14 Feb 1856, St Pancras MDX
bapt: 30 Oct 1856, All Saints, St Pancras MDX
married: ? William George STAFFORD ?

(Birth registered & baptised as Clara STAFFORD, other sources as Clara SOLMAN or variants)
Alice STAFFORD or SOLMAN (AS1.1.3.4)*
born: 9 Jun 1858, St Pancras MDX
died: 30 Apr 1871, Hampstead MDX, aged 12

(Birth registered as Alice STAFFORD, death registered as ALICE SOLMAN)
George STAFFORD or SOLMAN (AS1.1.3.5)*
born: c1860, St Pancras MDX
died: 8 May 1871, Hampstead MDX, aged 10

(Death registered as George SOLMAN, other sources as George STAFFORD)
Walter SOLMAN (AS1.1.3.6)
born: 20 Dec 1862, St Pancras MDX
died: Jun Qtr 1871, Hampstead Reg. Dist., aged 8

(Birth registered as Walter SALMAN)
Arthur SOLMAN (AS1.1.3.7)
(Ancestor reference number: So2
born: 10 Jan 1865, St Pancras MDX
Alice SOLMAN (AS1.1.3.8)
born: 18 Dec 1866, St Pancras MDX
Henry SOLMAN (AS1.1.3.9)
born: c1867, St Pancras MDX
died: 19 Apr 1871, St Pancras MDX, aged 4
(Male) SOLMAN (AS1.1.3.10)
born: 28 Oct 1868, St Pancras MDX
died: Dec Qtr 1868, Pancras Reg. Dist., aged 0

(This family has proved to be far from straightforward, and the asterisked children may not be children of George SOLMAN. However, as it is unclear which of the children are his and which are not, I have included all the children that I know of here. There are more detailed notes on this family in my ancestral pages - click here to view.)


Absalom Edward SOLMAN (AS1.2.2)
(Son of Absalom SOLMAN (AS1.2))
Baptised: 14 Jun 1837, St Luke MDX (at the Lying-In Hospital)

15 Aug 1864, Bond Co., Illinois USA

Born: c1846, Illinois USA


Anna Jane SOLMAN (AS1.2.2.1)
born: c1866, Illinois USA
Charles SOLMAN (AS1.2.2.2)
born: c1868, Pettis Co., Missouri USA
Absalom SOLMAN (AS1.2.2.3)
born: c1871, Pettis Co., Missouri USA
Mary SOLMAN (AS1.2.2.4)
born: c1877, Pettis Co., Missouri USA


Herbert Frank SOLMAN (AS1.9.5)
(Son of Samuel SOLMAN (AS1.9))
Born: Jun Qtr 1866, Westminster Reg. Dist.
Died: Sep Qtr 1931, Windsor Reg. Dist., aged 65

16 Jul 1887, St John, Hoxton MDX, by banns
Witnesses: Charles HAINES, Ann Elizabeth HAINES

Alice SHAW
Born: c1865, Binfield Heath OXF


Alice Maud Mary SOLMAN (AS1.9.5.1)
born: Jun Qtr 1889, Shoreditch Reg. Dist. 
(Baptism entry: 1 May 1889)
bapt: 26 May 1889, Shoreditch LND
married: Thomas WAKELING, Sep Qtr 1912, Maidenhead Reg. Dist.

Plus one other?


4th Generation

William James Sidery SOLMAN (AS1.1.1.3)
(Son of William Sidery SOLMAN (AS1.1.1))
Born: 2 Jun 1873, St Pancras MDX
Died: Sep Qtr 1927, Godstone Reg. Dist., aged 54 
(Probate: 9 Sep 1927)
Will: proved 22 Oct 1927, London
Occupation: Publican (at The Globe, Borough Market, Southwark)

Jun Qtr 1900, St Saviour Reg. Dist.

Born: c1874, Lambeth SRY
Died: Sep Qtr 1933, Lambeth Reg. Dist., aged 59 
(London Gazette: 5 Jul 1933)


William Sidery SOLMAN (AS1.
born: Dec Qtr 1900, Lambeth Reg. Dist. 
(Baptism entry: 4 Sep 1900)
bapt: 8 Nov 1900, St Philip, Lambeth LND
born: Jun Qtr 1902, Southwark Reg. Dist. 
(Baptism entry: 11 Mar 1902)
bapt: 22 Jun 1902, St Saviour, Southwark LND
married: George ROBINSON, Dec Qtr 1922, Southwark Reg. Dist.
Albert SOLMAN (AS1.
born: Mar Qtr 1903, Southwark Reg. Dist. 
(Baptism entry: 28 Feb 1903)
bapt: 31 May 1903, St Saviour, Southwark LND
Ellen SOLMAN (AS1.
born: Jun Qtr 1904, Southwark Reg. Dist. 
(Baptism entry: 31 Mar 1904)
bapt: 12 Jun 1904, St Saviour, Southwark LND
married: Arthur James THOMAS, Sep Qtr 1933, Southwark Reg. Dist.
Percy SOLMAN (AS1.
born: Dec Qtr 1905, Southwark Reg. Dist.
married: Dorothy Louisa DEDMAN, Sep Qtr 1930, Southwark Reg. Dist.
David SOLMAN (AS1.
born: Mar Qtr 1907, Southwark Reg. Dist.
died: Jun 1986, Sutton Reg. Dist., d.o.b. 22 Dec 1906
born: Dec Qtr 1908, Southwark Reg. Dist. 
(Family info: 20 Sep 1908)
married: James VENNARD


Arthur SOLMAN (AS1.1.3.7)
(Ancestor reference number: So2)
(Son of George SOLMAN (AS1.1.3))
Born: 10 Jan 1865, St Pancras MDX
Died: 21 Dec 1922, Islington LND, aged 57
Buried: 28 Dec 1922, Islington Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 57
Occupation: Auctioneer's Porter, Furniture Dealer

7 Jul 1890, St Silas, Clerkenwell LND, by banns
Witnesses: Arthur Urban FLETCHER, Clara STAFFORD

(In GRO marriage index under SOLMAN and SALMAN)

Lilian Emmeline FLETCHER
(Ancestor reference number: So3)
Born: 28 Jan 1864, Plumstead KEN
Baptised: 31 Mar 1867, Woolwich KEN 
(d.o.b. 28 Jan 1864)
Died: 28 Aug 1902, Islington LND, aged 38
Buried: 3 Sep 1902, Islington Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 38


Lilian Annie SOLMAN (AS1.
born: Jun Qtr 1894, Islington Reg. Dist. (1939 Register: 12 Apr 1894)
bapt: 13 May 1894, All Saints, Belvedere KEN (of Islington) 
(d.o.b. 12 Apr 1894)
died: 1 Nov 1965, Waltham Abbey ESS, aged 71
married: William GARDNER, Dec Qtr 1915, Islington Reg. Dist.
Arthur George SOLMAN (AS1.
born: Jun Qtr 1897, Islington Reg. Dist. (1939 Register: 26 Mar 1897)
died: Jun Qtr 1964, West Ham Reg. Dist., aged 67
married: Annie Mary Eliza MORRIS, 20 Jan 1924, Islington LND
Victoria May SOLMAN (AS1.

(Ancestor reference number: So1)
born: 24 May 1900, Islington LND
bapt: 9 Sep 1900, Islington LND 
(d.o.b. 24 May 1900)
died: 25 Jan 1993, Epsom SRY, d.o.b. 24 May 1900
married: John Frederick SHEPHERD, 14 Mar 1950, Essex SW District Register Office

(Ancestor reference number: Sh1)

AND (2)

Born: Jun Qtr 1869, Islington Reg. Dist.
Died: 18 Jan 1937, St Pancras LND, aged 67 
(as Georgina SMITH)
Buried: 25 Jan 1937, Islington Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 67 (as Georgina SMITH)
(Married (1): Alfred SMITH, 28 Feb 1887, St John the Baptist, Islington MDX)


Children(see note below)

Stanley Frederick SMITH (AS1.
born: Sep Qtr 1904, Islington Reg. Dist. (Baptism entry: 20 Jun 1904)
bapt: 24 Jul 1904, Islington LND
died: Jun Qtr 1905, Islington Reg. Dist., aged 0
buried: 26 May 1905, Islington Cemetery, East Finchley MDX, aged 10m
Dorothy SMITH (AS1.
born: Sep Qtr 1905, Islington Reg. Dist. (1939 Register: 10 Aug 1905)
bapt: 24 Sep 1905, Islington LND 
(d.o.b. 10 Aug 1905)
died: Sep 1994, Brentwood Reg. Dist., d.o.b. 10 Aug 1905
married: Ernest William George KENTISH, 28 Apr 1928, Islington District Register Office
Ethel Louisa SMITH (AS1.
born: 20 Jul 1908, Islington LND
bapt: 23 Aug 1908, Islington LND 
(d.o.b. 20 Jul 1907 - sic)
died: Oct 1987, Enfield Reg. Dist., d.o.b. 20 Jul 1908
married: Archie Frederick GEORGE, 12 Oct 1929, Islington District Register Office

(At the births and/or baptisms of the above 3 SMITH children, their father is given as Arthur SMITH of Rothery Street, a chef in 1904 and a furniture dealer in 1905 and 1908. No father is named on Ethel's marriage certificate, but on Dorothy's her father is given as Arthur Solman SMITH, auctioneer's porter deceased.)


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