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Family of Joseph DUTTON


(Son of John DUTTON & Ann SHEPHERD)
Born: c1760, ? Witney OXF ?
Buried: 1 Dec 1824, Witney OXF, aged 64
Occupation: Shoemaker


12 Apr 1784, Witney, by licence
Witnesses: Thomas CRIPPS, Mary LARDNER

Elizabeth LARDNER
(Daughter of ? Richard LARDNER & Kesia ROWLES ?)
Baptised: ? 6 Apr 1763, Witney OXF ?
Buried: 28 Apr 1833, Witney OXF, aged 70


Elizabeth DUTTON
born: c1785, Witney OXF
married: Henry GREEN, 21 Apr 1813, Witney OXF, by licence
bapt: 4 Oct 1786, "at the Meeting House", Witney OXF (as given in Witney PR)
died: 3 Jun 1872, Standlake OXF, aged 86
married (1): Hannah THOMPSON, 2 Nov 1813, St George Hanover Square MDX
married (2): Hannah PECK, 30 Jun 1823, Bampton OXF, by licence
married (3): Sarah PINNOCK, 26 Sep 1833, Standlake OXF
married (4): Izard GILES née MILES, 3 Mar 1847, Cote Baptist Chapel, Bampton OXF
Will: proved 24 Jun 1872, Oxford
Occupation: Shoemaker, Bootmaker, Gentleman
born: 7 Aug 1787, ? Witney OXF ?
bapt: 4 May 1788, "at the Meeting House", Witney OXF (as given in Witney PR)
died: 5 Dec 1822, ? Bampton OXF ?
buried: 10 Dec 1822, Bampton OXF, aged 35
married: William DUTTON, 26 Feb 1811, Witney OXF, by licence
bapt: 9 Sep 1789, "at the Meeting House", Witney OXF (as given in Witney PR)
died: Sep Qtr 1839, Wycombe Reg. Dist., aged 50
buried: 30 Jul 1839, Stokenchurch OXF, aged 50
married: Eliza UNDERWOOD, 30 Jan 1815, St Michael, Oxford OXF, by licence
Will: written 22 Jul 1839; proved 10 Jul 1851, PCC
Occupation: Surgeon
born: c1794, Witney OXF
died: 22 Nov 1873, Tisbury WIL, aged 79
married: Job GREEN, 10 Jan 1820, St Michael, Oxford OXF
Will: proved 18 Dec 1873, Salisbury
? Sarah DUTTON ?
born: c1795/6
buried: 14 Jun 1829, Witney OXF, aged 33
married: John Charles COLLIER, 1 Apr 1822, St Margaret, Leicester LEI
(John Charles COLLIER was grandson of John COLLIER & Ann DUTTON)
born: c1797, Witney OXF
died: Mar Qtr 1873, Headington Reg. Dist., aged 76
married: Catherine BUCKINGHAM, 12 Oct 1830, Witney OXF
Occupation: Cordwainer
Thomas Decimus DUTTON
buried: 22 Jun 1802, Witney OXF
born: 13 May 1805, Witney OXF
bapt (1): 10 Nov 1805, Wesleyan Chapel, Witney OXF
bapt (2): ? 17 Nov 1822, Cote Baptist Chapel, Bampton OXF ?
died: 25 Oct 1879, Bampton OXF, aged 74
buried: 29 Oct 1879, Bampton OXF, aged 74
married: William DUTTON (widower of Mary above), 29 Jul 1828, Waterloo SRY, by licence
Will: proved 4 Dec 1879, Oxford

Plus others?



As this family were non-conformist, it is difficult to be sure how many children Joseph and Elizabeth DUTTON had, particularly as neither of them appears to have left a will, although Thomas Decimus may have been so named because he was their tenth child. In addition to the baptism and burial records found, corroborating evidence that the unqueried children above belong in this family comes from the Dr Williams' birth registrations of Mary and Ann's children, and the will of Joseph (junior), which mentions his sisters Ann DUTTON and Martha wife of Job GREEN, and his brother John. (However, it is possible that the details I have given above for John do not relate to him, but to a different John DUTTON.)

I am less sure that Elizabeth and Sarah belong in this family. Elizabeth's approximate date and place of birth are taken from the 1851 and 1861 censuses, and in the absence of any evidence to the contrary it seems possible that she belongs here. Sarah's inclusion in this family, however, is based largely on memberships lists for the Witney Wesleyan Chapel. The lists for 1817 (the earliest I have found) show 4 DUTTONs - Joseph, Elizabeth, Martha and Sarah - and although no ages or relationships were given, it is possible that these were Joseph (senior), his wife Elizabeth and daughters Martha and Sarah. However, even assuming that Joseph and Elizabeth did have a daughter Sarah, I cannot be sure that she was the same Sarah DUTTON who married John Charles COLLIER in 1822.

Most of the children shown above went on to have their own children, and I have information about some of them. Those of Mary and Ann can be seen here - otherwise, please e-mail me for details.


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